Looking for Work During a Pandemic

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

A title I never thought I would type in my lifetime…

So many people are still out of work due to the pandemic and economic shutdown. What does that mean for job seekers? There is a TON of competition. If you are looking for work and need a way to stand out from the crowd, check out these tips from my call with Drew Hinman, Senior Account Manager from

Job market facts:

The job market increased by 1.4 million jobs since July and the unemployment rate dropped from it’s April high down to 8.4%. That means more jobs are becoming available. Hospitality is a tight space to find work, but education and health services are hiring 53/100 jobs per month. If you have skills in these areas, it’s time to brush up on them.

Résumé advice:

  • Leverage keywords: Artificial Intelligence looks for specific verbiage so tailor your resume and be adaptable.

  • Answer specific questions. Is there a prompt or any recurring themes? Pay close attention to detail and communication skills. For example, answer in complete sentences. If the question is, “What were your primary responsibilities in your last job,” you would answer, “My primary responsibilities in my last job included…”

  • Create a cover letter and watch for a word limit. If there is no word limit, stick to the one page rule. One page cover letter and one page résumé. No one will read your autobiography. (No offense.)

  • Learn about the company’s culture. Are there perks? Is there community involvement? What is the dress code? Highlight your skills as they relate to that culture.

  • Focus on your experience and highlight it. Be a chameleon and be qualified. You may not send the same résumé and cover letter to every company you apply to. Tailor everything to each specific role you are applying for.


  • Be professional publicly. Although in-person networking is hard to come by, there are many virtual events.

  • Leverage social media. Get in on a few and brush up your presentation skills. Also, prospective employers will look at your social media presence. Clean it up!

I hope this is helpful. If you need help navigating employee benefits once you land that dream job, be sure to schedule an appointment at

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