How to Work on Yourself

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

  • “I like having a project to work on…”

  • “I can’t shut my mind off…”

  • “Finally! It’s done!”

  • “I need a new project.”

Have you met someone like this? Is that someone you? Do you love to help friends and family members, but sometimes a small act of help becomes a larger project? A passion project, for instance. Something aside from day to day employment that brings out all the talents and creativity one possesses, but doesn’t always get to play with. As fun as that project is, the result is that it consumes daily life until it is complete. It can even be hard to sleep at night with all the ideas swirling around. Eventually, it comes to an end and the project is complete. There is an immense sense of satisfaction, but the feeling fades quickly. Soon the desire for a new project creeps up and the cycle starts again. Most of the time the projects are welcomed and enjoyed, but the thought-consuming nature of them is exhausting.

We do this to ourselves all the time.

In fact, this is the conversation I recently had with someone close to me. To her, this cycle was self-imposed and never-ending. She has children and grandchildren and found great satisfaction in doing things for them. It is normal for her to finish one project, then wake up the next morning and actively seek out the next one. Until now. She finally had a moment of clarity and said to herself, “I AM the project!” You see, she recently committed to a healthier lifestyle and has been diligent about eating well and exercising every day. She is feeling great about these changes and wants to stick with them. As a result, she has created spreadsheets and meal plans to follow. It is time to work on herself and she is ready to rock it!

Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!

I ask you, dear reader, where are you in your life. Are you the fixer who steps in to fix other people’s problems? What would it take for you to step back and commit to yourself for a change? Not sure where to start? Contact me. We’ll tackle this next project together.



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