How to Start a Self-Care Routine

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

1. Set an intention for your day.

Before getting out of bed, take a few seconds to set an intention. Some of my personal favorites, "stick with it", "have strength", and "enjoy every moment".

2. Add fragrant oils to your shower.

I love this step because it takes no time at all. Drop some essential oils onto a washcloth and hang it in a steamy shower. Breathe deeply and enjoy the experience.

3. Sit down to eat breakfast.

We are so accustomed to eating on the run. Take a few minutes to sit and eat a slice of toast or a piece of fruit before you dive into your To Do list.

4. Keep healthy snacks in the car.

This will help you avoid the stops for convenience foods. Also remember to drink plenty of water!

5. Take a break and stretch.

Whether you sit at a desk, work with your hands, or stay at home with children, we all need breaks during the day. Take a few minutes for a quick stretch. Tilt your head from side to side to work the neck. Clasp the hands behind the back to stretch the shoulders and chest. Raise your arms and stretch side to side. You'll feel instantly refreshed.

6. Find a new motivational podcast.

There are so many podcasts out there, you will certainly find something that is the right length (about 10 minutes) to give you the boost you need to refocus when you hit that midday slump.

7. Listen to an audiobook during your commute.

This is a great opportunity to listen to something fun and recreational. Not at all related to your work.

8. Again, sit down to eat.

Even if it is a quick snack before you run out the door for your next activity. Get off your feet and eat.

9. Pack a lunch for the next day.

You can be your best for others only when you are healthy. Don't fall into the fast food trap.

10. Meditate before falling asleep.

Find a guided meditation program to help you fall asleep. It will help you calm your mind more quickly and start you off into a meaningful sleep cycle.

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