Not everyone feels festive at the holidays.

Whether it's financial stress, family stress, or emotional exhaustion, it can be hard to cope at the holidays.

While many people are excited, festive, and joyous, others are just trying to make it to January. Today, let’s reflect on what the holiday season means to you and how to find some peace among the hustle and bustle.

The meaning behind the season

When was the last time you consciously acknowledged what the season means for you? We all have reasons why we celebrate these traditions, but they often float in the background, overpowered by the decorating, shopping, cooking, and other festivities. Bringing a level of mindfulness to the chaos at the holidays can help give it purpose. Please find time to spend a few quiet minutes with yourself. Give a name to the reason for your season. Write it in your journal or post it in a prominent place in your home. That way, you can draw on it in the stressful moments.

Handling social anxiety

Using the term social anxiety may conjure thoughts of a mental health condition that requires treatment to abate. However, social anxiety can be felt by anyone. It can appear any time, just like other stresses in our lives. Those of us who may not experience anxiety symptoms day to day may start to feel the pressure at those loud, crowded holiday gatherings. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sights and sounds around you, notice it. Acknowledge that your body is sending signals telling you it needs a break. Allow yourself to step away, get some air, and hide for a little while. If you ignore the signals your body is sending, they will just get stronger. Our bodies have ways of forcing us to listen. Give yourself the gift of self-care this holiday season and allow yourself to take a break from the crowds.

Handling financial stress

This is a recurring theme at the holidays. We all feel the pressure to buy gifts for family members, sometimes out of obligation more than desire. However, gifts add up, and everything is more expensive this year. I encourage you to go into the holiday shopping season with a plan. Set a spending limit per person. Maybe even create homemade gifts. Keep it simple. People will remember the thought you put into the gift long after the item is put away. Lastly, don’t buy anything if you don’t have the cash. Credit card spending today will haunt you in January.

I’d love to hear how your holiday season is going so far. Schedule some time with me so we can create your seasonal financial strategies!



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