Holiday Shopping...ALREADY?!

We are barely into October and we are already being told to start our holiday shopping early.

There are headlines about supply shortages, staffing issues, delays with package deliveries, and more. All this news may make you feel like you’ll miss out on something phenomenal if you don’t ACT NOW! However, let’s think through the pros and cons of getting an early jump on the holiday season

Reasons to start early

There are clearly some benefits to starting your holiday shopping early. For one, when you can spread the process out over a longer period of time, you can ease your stress level. You’ll have time to be deliberate about each item you purchase. Any opportunity you have to slow down and be mindful will put you in the right space to make great decisions. Another benefit is spreading the financial costs over several months. If you start shopping now, you can fit it more easily into your day-to-day spending. This will also help you avoid using credit cards to cover a large quantity of last minute purchases.

Reasons to wait

On the flip side, shopping early doesn’t always save us money. In fact, there are some specific shopping days during the holiday season that benefit us most, according to US News. For starters, we all know and love Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days often signify the start of the shopping season, and can have some great money-saving deals. However, Super Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas can also have great last-minute offerings. When it comes to getting the best prices, shopping early isn’t always better.

You do YOU!

However you choose to tackle your holiday shopping this year, do it your way! If you love to plan ahead and finish early, go for it! If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of getting that last minute bargain, have at it! You don’t need advice or permission from anyone about how and when you shop. When you make it your own, it always goes the way you want it to!

If you aren’t sure how to tackle your holiday shopping without relying on credit cards, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.



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