Changing Your Mindset

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Yesterday was a tough day. I spoke to a person who gave me a pretty harsh opinion about my brand and my business. This person believes I am confused about what I really want to do for my clients. This constructive criticism was frustrating. I firmly believe and have seen over the years, that when we don’t feel good about ourselves we make emotional decisions that don’t always have the best financial outcome for our families. I want people to think proactively about their self-care, which will guide them toward thinking proactively about their financial goals. This person was stuck in the mindset that the need for a financial advisor is triggered only by life events (birth, death, marriage, divorce…). I believe the need for a financial advisor is triggered by LIFE!

I started doubting myself.

My goal is to help more people and grow my business, but I wondered if I was going about it the right way. For instance, will this message resonate with others? Will it motivate them to take action? Will this be just another failed marketing attempt in a long line of failed marketing attempts? As I went through my day I put my own advice to the test. I had a full on conversation with myself that started with, “Change your mindset!” I reminded myself about all the different people that have encouraged me on this journey. All the moms that have commented on my blogs and spoken to me in person telling me about how they have related to my writings. All the other marketing professionals that have told me to stick with it because this could really be great! My own desire to rise above the white noise in the financial industry.

No one ever told an innovator that their ideas made sense.

When I woke this morning, this was the first thought that crossed my mind. Therefore, I have decided that I don’t care what others think. Maybe the path I’m on doesn’t make sense to others yet, but that can change. The more I hone my communication style and messaging, the more I can positively impact people’s lives. I am not your typical financial advisor. I have all the credentials you would want in one, but I also have a vision. We can live in a world where we no longer feel overworked and underappreciated. Where women will be equally valued for the work we do inside the home and out in the world. I believe my place in this world is to empower women to take care of themselves as diligently as we take care of our families. When we make ourselves a priority it makes it that much easier to stick to our financial goals. Contact me if you are tired of breaking promises to yourself and are ready to make a change.



Christina Gatteri, CFP

Certified Financial Planner

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